Z W O O D S   A P P A R E L

Zwoods Apparel offers high quality screen-printed shirts that are sold in honor and remembrance of Steven (Zac) Woods, whom we lost in a boating accident in 2011. The goal of our site is to sell clothing for men, women and children and use the proceeds to benefit the recipients of the SZW scholarship at Marshfield High School. We hope you like the products we offer here at Zwoods Apparel, where your purchase will not only contribute to the advocacy for helping the youth of Marshfield continue their education after high school, but also the opportunity to honor the memory of a great person in a STYLISH way!

Every item we sell has Zac's signature on it, and they come in almost every color imaginable for all ages. Our shirts are made with top notch brands that are available in different sizes that will accommodate everyone.


Zac worked at a screen printing business and on his spare time created a screen with his signature on it.

The first Zwoods product Zac ever made was a frisbee for his dog Sandy, and following that frisbee, Zac began to design articles of clothing for his friends and family. He quickly developed a talent for designing custom made tee shirts. 

After he passed, the process of building the Zwoods brand was the most sensible way continue the legacy of Zac. We wanted to use the popularity of Zwoods Apparel to help high school graduates make a swift transition into higher education.

What makes Zwoods Apparel special is that this is Zac's passion, not ours. Zac created this brand. We are simply using his creativity and desire as a tool to not only keep him alive in our hearts, but to also better the community of Marshfield. Every purchase made on this website has the ability to accomplish both of those things.